Thursday, March 10, 2011

Well, Singe My Tailfeathers!

Yesterday morning I got out of bed, and as my custom has become, went out to stand by our emergency-now-everyday heater for a minute or two. (We'll get to that in a later post.) Within moments, a horrible smell filled the air.

Hastily I checked the pants of my adorable red valentine jammies to make sure I hadn't overheated them. No, they were just nicely warmed, not charred and smoking. I resumed warming. Another wave of the terrible odor assailed me.

"It has to be my jammies," I muttered as I leaped away again. But no, they were still just warm, and no more than that.

Just then, Lila, one of Tina's former cats, walked by the heater, rubbing up against it. The tip of her proudly waving tail was just level with the top of the heater, the only part that gets too hot to touch. Immediately the smell of scorched hair filled the room once again. 

Lila walked blithely on. With so much fur to spare, she had no idea she was as burnt as toast. A careful check of her fur revealed that she was completely uninjured, and still has almost 2 inches of fur to go before she starts to notice that her tail is getting hot.

An Offensive End
A bit later, she began to race around the house, occasionally whirling to glare at her tail, angry that it was still following her. Since she was still unhurt, I can only surmise that she was trying to escape the offensive eau d'char. But then, so was I.

Odorifically yours,
Noni Beth


  1. Hahaha! I can remember that my dad, having just got out of the shower, put on his boxers and backed up to the bathroom heater to get warm...and scorched his boxers! He bent over to pick up his towel and R-I-I-I-P!!! LOL! Mama couldn't believe that he didn't feel how hot his heinie got! He was very cold-natured, so maybe cold natured people can take more heat than others do!

  2. Taking the heat is one thing. The smell of burning hair, well, that's another. Reminds me of the time in high school chemistry class when I bent over too close to the Bunsen burner and sizzled my bangs. That was forty years ago and I can still remember how awful it smelled.

  3. You did it in high school? I waited until I was in college, taking microbiology as a nursing pre-req. I had no idea anything was happening until my lab partner started hitting my head with both hands, trying to put out the fire!

  4. The next post is dedicated to all of you. :)