Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Curse of the Prairie Royalty

If you have not already read Prairie Royalty, by Tina, you should do that first. Click here to read it. 

Monday came and went. No check. Tuesday came and went. No check. Wednesday came and went. No check.

Finally, I reached someone yesterday in the Review office. "Oh, yes," he said cheerfully. "Your check was returned to us by the post office, and we sent it out again to your new address."

It turned out that through some unknown quirk, my address hadn't been updated, even though my check came here fine last year. In an ironic cosmic response to my gloating, my check had made the tortuous journey to California and back.

Now that both Tina's and my addresses are completely correct and updated, next year we'll be back on the same footing again, unless one of us successfully bribes the postmistress, or maybe lets the air out of the tires of the one of us that lives farthest from the post office, too far to walk quickly. Or... I'd better not give away all my ideas yet.

Since her check had only 1/2 of Rahab, and mine had 1/2 of Rahab plus all of Malchus, it was larger than hers. Not huge - only two figures (four if you count the decimal places, ha ha), but enough to buy 7 sleds. Barely.

Gloating again,
Noni Beth


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