Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Puppetmaster

Me: Ok children. It's time for worship. Let's sit very quietly and see which Bible story Devon is going to do  for us with his new present.

Devon: Once there was a donkey. He was walking along through the jungle.

Me: (interrupting suspiciously) Is this a BIBLE story???

Devon: Of course. So anyway, this donkey was walking through the jungle, here and there. Walking through the jungle. Finally, he saw a house. "Aha," he said, "I need to find a new owner. I will go to this house." Inside, he found Mary.

Me: (to myself) Ah yes, the Bible connection.There in the jungles of Nazareth.

Devon: Mary took Clonk N Thonk...

Tiggy: (whispering loudly) CLUMP N THUMP!

Devon: (sighing) So Mary took Clump N Thonk to the stable. There, he met her other pet. (Lengthy pause to consult puppet packaging.) Perry Winkle. Perry Winkle had been Mary's pet for a long time, so he knew her very well. Perry Winkle came close and whispered in...
Tiggy: Clump N Thump...

Devon: Clump N Thump's ear. Then Joseph came out with a lot of supplies. He loaded up (glares at Tiggy) Clump N Thonk with lots of stuff. "Wow," said Clomp N Thonk, "I can tell this is going to be a very long journey. Look at all this stuff we are taking. It's going to be a loooooooong time before we're back home again. "I know," said Perry Winkle. Then they all started out. Mary was much heavier than usual, tee hee, and they went on. It was a long trip. They walked all day, and rested that night. Perry Winkle ate his seeds. He...he....(tries repeatedly to make Perry peck at the seeds, without success). Perry Winkle put his head under his wing and went to sleep. They walked all the next day. Then they slept. Then they walked all the next day, and finally got to Bethlehem. 

Tiggy: (whispering loudly) Here, take my doll!

Devon: (sighing) They went to sleep again that night. During the night, something woke them up. It was a baby crying. They walked over to the baby and looked at him. Just then, two shepherds came. "The angel told us we would find the baby here," they said. And just then, (singing) We Three Kings of Orient Art...

Me: Um, Devon, that didn't happen till much later. 

Devon: (singing) We Three Kings of Orium Ares...

Damon: About two years later.

Devon: You're kidding!!! Ok then, two years later (singing) We Three Kings of Orienarr...and they brought their gifts. Gold, silver, and what else?

Me: Gold, no silver, ffffffff......

Devon: Frankincense!

Me: And mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm (his brow furrowed) mmmmmmmmyyyyyyyrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhh.....

Devon: Myrrh!

Me: Yes!!

Devon: And then Joseph letted Perry Winkle and Clomp N Thunk go free! They ran, well actually they hopped and jumped and leaped to freedom.

Me: Ok, Devon. Thank  you for that lovely and interesting rendition. Let's bow our heads for....

Devon: And THEN, many years later, Clonk N Thonk carried the baby who is, who was, who used to be a baby but then he grew up, he carried his body. He was so sad. "This man looks familiar," he said. And he carried him to the grave. And then he met Perry Winkle again, and they both went free again. They jumped and hopped, and Perry Winkle's head went UP and down, and UP and down, and UP and down, and UP and down...

Me: (sternly) Devon!

Devon: And they lived happily ever.

Yes, really. That's how it ends.
The Majestic Perry Winkle


  1. This is absolutely priceless!

  2. Chrissy the HyphenatedMarch 28, 2011 at 11:23 AM

    Up and down, up and down. ::snort:: I can't think about that bird without howling! ROFLLL

  3. Thank you, Bob and Chrissy - I'm still not sure how I kept a mostly straight face. I'll have to try and get some video, even if it's just a short clip from my little camera.