Sunday, December 26, 2010

Slippin' and a Slidin'

The days since the ice storm have passed slowly. Probably because you can't get very far very fast at 35 mph. At last the roads are starting to improve, and almost anything would be better than the thick sheets of ice in all directions.

Thursday of last week, Jack counted 22 cars and at least 15 semis in the ditch during the short stretch from Ray, ND to Williston, ND. Right after the ice storm, he heard on the radio that there had been over 1100 accidents around the Williston area alone, an all-time record. One of those was probably Tina

Even now, driving along the highways, you can see one churned-up place after another where successive (but not successful) vehicles have bitten the dust. About the only nice thing is probably none of them were badly injured. The same weather that made conditions so dangerous, also piled up huge drifts of snow to cushion careless and unwary drivers.


Thursday night I went in to Plentywood. There was no class, sadly for Gastron, but I got a number of errands done. Then it was time to make my slow way home, over roads that were imaginary in some places. Drifting snow had thickly covered the blacktop, and without the faint impression of tires - right down the middle of the road - I would have had a hard time.

Slow and steady, and I did NOT end up in the ditch, something that is getting to be more and more of an accomplishment round these here parts.

Wherever you are, and wherever you go, please drive safely!

Living an adventure every time I get behind the wheel,
Noni Beth

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