Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Cat and Mouse

This morning, I awoke to find that one of the cats had left a dead mouse on the little rug by my bed, as if to say,

"Look, I caught you a mouse...

...with this handy mousetrap."

Upon further investigation, I found that the only gift they had left me was the tail, and not even quite all of that. "Heer. Dis iz foar yoo. Cant eet ennyway."

Boy, do I feel special.


  1. and i found the foot right by it

  2. When I was about 11, we had a tiny little part-chichuahau/part feist mix who loved to catch mice and leave them as presents for us...usually right inside the doors of our bedrooms so we couldn't miss them. I quickly learned to turn on the overhead light before entering my bedroom instead of going into the dark bedroom and turning on the bedside lamp.

  3. EEEEEEK!!!! Poor Tina has also stepped barefoot on Parts before, having one particular cat that could have starred in a feline chain saw movie.

    Turning on lights is good.

  4. Stop that Little Mo, leave Noni alone. You're a mole, not a mouse.

  5. LOL! Glad you and Little Mo could come hang out. Little Mo, maybe I can set up an outdoor rodent feeding station to encourage your cousins to avoid the Cats and Traps of Doom. Would that help?

  6. That would be great! I especially like roots and grubs.