Friday, December 31, 2010

Fun With Texting

It's grown increasingly frustrating trying to keep track of the kids and all their extracurricular activities, especially since Tracfone decided to up and cancel our area after being bought out. I had just gotten new minutes for their phones, too.

So just like in the commercial, well almost, three deceptively large and brightly wrapped packages began to ring. Three ecstatic children ripped them open, and immediately began a frenzy of texting. "thank u dad" "thank u mom" "i luv u" and on and on.

At bedtime, we sent them upstairs and turned out all the lights. A few moments later, both of our phones began to buzz, each text message received in triplicate. "gd nite mom" ("gd nite mom" "gd nite mom"), "gd nite dad" ("gd nite dad" "gd nite dad"), "luv u mom" ("luv u mom" "luv u mom") and so on. Finally we had to lay down the law. "GO 2 BED!!!" ("GO 2 BED!!!" "GO 2 BED!!!")

Within 24 hours, the Tattle by Text program got started. "mom, tiggy droped the cat on me and it scraced me." Even in text format, the whine came through loud and clear.

A couple days ago, Damon was messing around with my phone and goobered up the default text setting, so instead of typing in the traditional form, it would fill in the blanks with seemingly random words, and sometimes just letters. Every time I had to reply to one of the zillions of texts, I would have to go in and change it manually. Despite repeated requests, and then commands, Damon failed to fix it, claiming that he hadn't been the one to mess it up.

Not one to argue, I simply began responding to his texts, and only his, without changing the settings.

Damon: mom i am @ basktbl pract now
Me: Monkl

Soon the phone rang. "Mom, what is Monkl?" I explained that I had typed in "ok", and that was how my phone had interpreted it. "Oh."

The next day, I got another text.

Damon: mom may i go 2 my friends house please
Me: J jnnnnnrsgugugljereiuk quiarenermke
Damon: oops i guess i had bettr fix that
Me: Monkl

Untl th nxt advntr,
Nn Bth



  1. I will say one thing for today's younger generation...they should all have exceptionally strong thumbs!

  2. it was like being texted to in the Walton via 2010 like