Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Don't Talk to Strangers...

...or around them, either.

Dad and the boys left for California this morning. The boys have a fun-filled summer with their grandparents - helping pack and receiving targeted tutoring in several school subjects. Wheee!

They stopped in Glendive, which is the same town you'll be reading about soon, as we've already had some adventures there. The boys were still in line at the convenience store when Dad was done, so he went and sat in the car and watched.

The boys stood there behind a father and son, and Devon began to do something naughty. The father, thinking it was HIS son being naughty, whirled around and whapped Devon on the head.

[Pause so I can laugh hysterically. Again. And again. And again.]

Devon was not amused.

You can bet that the next time he wants to be naughty in public, with none of his grownups within arm's reach, that he's going to be looking all squinty-like at everyone else around him. Is that guy over there a whapper? He could be - he looks kind of like he might whap somebody...

Now, I've had a few close calls almost chewing out strange children who looked like mine, however I have always caught myself short of actually laying hands on them. If one of them had been Devon, it might have been different.

Until the next whap,
Noni Beth

Sorry there weren't any pictures.

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