Saturday, April 3, 2010

Eight Wheels Are Better than Four

We biked out into the country today. After my fabulous results yesterday - both boys asleep by 7pm without eating their supper - I was hoping to repeat the experiment with the same results.

It was gorgeous, and only about 2 miles each way. Good thing, since every muscle in my body is now aware (and complaining) that I haven't biked for quite some time. There were so many interesting things to see. Birds, a barn owl, wide vistas, and several hundred aluminum cans. If I'm too sore to ride again tomorrow, maybe I can totter along and pick some of them up. Maybe it will tire the kids out, too.

Today at church, Devon was telling everyone an interesting little story of the sort that every mother hates to hear. "So I had the Superglue..." *thud* "...and put it all over my hand." *I moan softly* "It felt hot on my hand..." *fan self weakly* "...especially as I shook it all over." *whimper and lose consciousness again* That explains the large quantity of glue he was picking off his hands last night. Superglue - who knew?

Anyhoo, my little experiment hasn't turned out quite the way I'd hoped. They aren't asleep yet, and I know that no matter how quickly they keel over, I'll pass out first.

Until the next adve

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