Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Not Easter

The Superglue saga continues. Jack's computer keyboard is losing its keys, so it's very hard to type. The arrow keys I don't miss as much, but "S" and "E" are considerably harder to do without. I've tried to Superglue them back on, and it hasn't worked as well as I'd hoped. I have to press vry hard, and ven thn it don't alway go.

Anyway...we don't celebrate Easter as such, however we do buy a little candy on sale (remember how much I love clearance!) and hide it for the kids a day or two later. Nana, my grandmother, used to always hide little chocolate eggs, first for us (even when we were all in our teens), and then for the great-grandkids.

Today I got a bright idea that outdid even my usual cleverness, if I do say so mylf. Myself. The kids had trashed the living room, again!, and I had some candy to hide. Hmmmmmm. So I went all around the room, hiding eggs under everything I wanted taken care of.

The kids got home, listened eagerly to the rules, and immediately all my worst fears came true. When they finished their rampage, the room looked worse than when they started. Not out of resources, I confiscated the loot until the room was done. And of course it helped that there was one egg they hadn't been able to find, and I wouldn't give thm a hint till it was clean.

In the course of cleaning, the children were appalled to find a chocolate bunny, Sally Forth style. Heh heh, Mommy's just full of surprises!

And as they scrabbled around gobbling eggs, any number of marbles and Legos nearly went down the hatch, too. Wow, when I told them to clean up, I had no idea they would take me so literally. I expected to have to vacuum afterward.

A microwave Peep (blech) Tournament capped things off. Grandma never knew what she was missing.

Until the next adventure,
Noni Bth

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