Wednesday, October 21, 2009

We're Just Plain Off

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

1510 Dad said a blessing, and we started off.

1511 Got partway down the driveway and stopped. Went back for money for the trip.

1512 Still waiting.

1514 Started again. Ah, Montana at last!

1514 Nope, nope, stopped again.

1517 Finally homeward bound! Nope, stopped toward the end of the driveway. False alarm, decided to keep going this time. (Mom says she was teasing, but I remain suspicious.)

1519 Choked, had to drink a whole bunch of water before I stopped coughing. This is going to be a great trip.

1520 Stopped at Burson Market. Hey, we needed the ice for our food, ok?

1523 Left market.

1524 Stopped at the Post Office.

1526 Without further ado, we left. I was comfortably reclined in front, perhaps because I was lying on a comforter. A matching flowery pillow padded my stomach. Fortunately, as it turned out, since I immediately dropped Mom's large wallet on myself. It still stung a little.

1527 Still driving - amazing!

It was rush hour when we got to Sacramento, so it really didn't take any longer to stop by the bookstore than it would have to park on the freeway. Tina called up shortly after we got back on the road, finding traffic much better than before. "You can hate me now," I told her. Of course she wanted to know why. "Because I just left our favorite bookstore, and am riding down the road munching on veggie teriyaki jerky, and holding the newest book in the series about David."

She tried to control her envy so I couldn't gloat, but I knew it was there.

Mom talked to somebody on the phone, explaining that the other group, consisting of Dad, Damon, and Devon, might be camping, but the "motel sissies" were NOT going to do any such thing. In the back, I could hear Tiggy chanting, "Gimme an M! Gimme an O!"

So we didn't get very far, but look how late we left. And left. And left. About 10:30 pm we stopped in Winnemucca and got a room with wifi. Three cheers for the internet! Now we're ready to take off again, so I'll bring this to a close before Mom pries the computer out of my protesting little fingers.

A close.

Tiggy, may I have some ice in my cup?
Great. Thanks.

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