Thursday, October 22, 2009

Still Plugging Along

By sleeping in then working really hard, we managed to leave our cozy motel more than a half-hour before Dad and the boys left home, Day 1 for them.

Most people, I think, don't associate the desert with much precipitation of any sort, but Nevada has enough high desert mountains along the way, that we drove much of the time through a corridor of white-capped mountains. Right there in the desert.

Idaho went by pretty fast, though in full fall glory. Yep, we went by the Army Surplus Warehouse again, with Mom muttering something about why we needed to stop every single time to look at the pink camouflage. Although they do have a fine line of ladies' pink cammo, that isn't the main reason I always want to stop. First, it's a really cool place, and second, they have cases of hash browns for under $12. And third, it's a really cool place.

Pizza for supper, and an eclectic radio station passed the time till West Yellowstone. It was early enough we could have gone farther, but we were all tired. A rotating wifi sign caught us in its tractor beam. Damon called as we were getting tucked in to let us know they were in Elko, NV. Not bad for some fellas pulling a whole buncha stuff in a trailer and who didn't leave till 10 am. I know they couldn't go very fast up the mountains.

Then, at last, ah sweet peace and blissful slumber. Right up until the boys caught up to us while we were still in our pajamas.

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