Tuesday, July 30, 2013


June 6, 2013

D-day. Also Mom and Dad’s anniversary. For 42 years now, they’ve claimed that was a coincidence. It was also D-day for us, if D stands for Departure.

We left a tad bit late, since we all wilted the night before without being fully ready. Still, it wasn’t too bad, and we were only going as far as Billings. The trailer, with its load of our camping supplies, Tina’s camping supplies, and all the big stuff for camp meeting, was neatly packed, stacked, and organized. We left in high spirits mid (or late) morning. Within a few miles, all 3 children were fast asleep.

Fantastic! Now we weren’t just vacationing, we were on a date!  My love and I cruised down the road ‘alone’ for quite some time before anyone joined our party of two.

***Boring business part omitted***

In due process of time, and with no fun except our simple joy in each other’s presence, we made the trip to our camping spot. Located by the Yellowstone River, it featured SHOWERS YEEHAW, a faucet, a power outlet, and even wifi. It was funny to hear the tappity-tap of everyone posting pictures to Facebook from inside the tent. Ah, camping!

The tent went up ~almost~ without a hitch. In fact, the actual going up was smooth – the problem happened before. As Devon was taking Clancy out of the car, I told, no ordered him to immediately take Clancy up the bank away from the campsite to go to the bathroom. Devon stood there, with a blank yet puzzled expression on his face as Clancy lifted his leg on the about-to-be tent site.

Our amazing and wonderful supper included Morning Star Chipotle Black Bean (vegetarian) Burgers and seasoned corn on the cob. We had a few question marks about bean burgers, but they were fabulous. We can hardly wait to get some more!

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