Tuesday, July 30, 2013

How to Take a Vacation…

June 6, 2013

When You’re Too Broke to Take a Vacation

1.     Combine your attempt at a vacation with a low-budget business trip. If you do not have a business, make one.  Accept jobs where you want to go, and allow several days between each one. This is called a workation.
2.     Bring your own food.
3.     Bring your own lodging.
4.     Bring your own pets.
5.     Bring your own children, so you can pretend it’s a real vacation, and not just a glorified work trip.
6.     Bring 95% of the things in your house. After all, you want to be comfortable on your low-budget vacation. And if you leave it home, you guarantee that you’ll need it before you’re through. Remember, you can't afford to buy one.
7.     After thinking about it, load up the other 5% of the items still at home. They must call it “home away from home" for a reason.
8.     Do not ask yourself the question, ”Why am I leaving, if my entire house is coming with me?”
9.     Don’t spend money.
10.                        Don’t break down.
Well, we got most of them right.

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