Saturday, July 14, 2012

Camp Meeting

June 13-16, Jack, Tina, and I helped out at the Bozeman Camp Meeting, for the early reader age group. Such cuteness! We had a wonderful time, but with very little time to relax or sleep. Since we didn't really have time to cook either, it's fortunate that we were able to eat in the lovely and luscious cafeteria. 

With Clancy along, it was a little crowded in the pickup, but we managed somehow.

Having gotten in too late for supper that first night, Jack BBQ'd us some Boca Burgers. I snuck up on him for a picture, but my focus beam alerted him that mischief was afoot. It had trouble focusing, and it took him several nanoseconds to get tired of the random flashing. Finally he turned to me, exasperated. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING???" Click. Now a timeless moment forever and always.

Our first night of camping at camp meeting, it had rained with extreme vigor, and the wind blew away the awning of a neighboring RV. The full-size air mattress I brought along was woefully inadequate for the Princess and the Pea, as we affectionately refer to Jack on camping trips. The next morning, I went and got a new double-thick queen-sized mattress. Jack went out and got a new double-wide and double-tall tent, with double compartments, thus earning himself the new nickname of King Solomon as he sat enthroned in his pavilion.

Our theme was Truth Seekers, showing how the Bible and archaeology can build our faith in the Bible. We had stories, photos of artifacts, nature nuggets, games, activities, and even science experiments. One of our quaint little experiments involved licopodium powder, but we'll get to that in another post.

I had written a series of skits about the creation/evolution question, starring who else but the hapless children! We had to be a bit flexible, as it turned out, since one afternoon 3 of our 4 stars got stuck at Old Faithful. On the bright side, they got to watch it erupt more times in one day than most people get to see in a lifetime. I assure you, they felt very privileged.

The original plan was for us to leave directly after camp meeting on a trip to southern CA. God gently directed us to wait, and it was well that we did, if for no other reason than we grownups could scarcely stand upright, and the kids were staggering zombies. Had we not already promised the kids that we would camp somewhere after camp meeting, we would have headed for home, posthaste. Since we promised, we went, knuckles dragging on the ground. 

Exhaustion notwithstanding, our minds were already crowding with ideas for next year.

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