Monday, September 5, 2011


The Sphynx breed, also known as the Canadian Hairless Cat, had kind of a rough time getting going. When I saw Epidermis at a cat show back in the 80's, I had no idea she was such a rarity. Most of them died; the males didn't want to breed, and when they did, the females usually lost the litters. It took years of patient breeding to establish the breed, and round out the gene pool enough to have strong cats. What a lot of work! As Tiggy said, it didn't take any effort at all for us to get our own 'Sphynx'.

Some of you have already followed the adventures of Potto Turken. If you haven't, you should click on THIS. Potto had a startling case of Feline Pattern Baldness after being sick. Yesterday, his FPB went from startling to downright appalling. A victim of cruel misfortune, Potto now faces the winter with less fur than you would need to knit a cardigan for a hummingbird.

Sent to our home for specialized care, Potto only needed a cursory examination for me to see that he needed something. Fur! Even in the mild cool of early morning, he huddled and shivered all over his human companions. It was truly pitiful. 

So, in the absence of Potto's own natural splendor, I have begun crafting him his own beautifully crocheted Bald Place Warmer. It's even ~nearly~ the same lush shade of gray.

The Coat of Only One Color is nearly finished. By tomorrow he'll be able to wear it. Or perhaps tear it ungratefully to pieces and eat it. Only time will tell.

Back soon,
Noni Beth

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  1. My sister has a pomerainian that has alopecia. The vet over in Scobey suggested melatonin. This was the woman vet who traveled from Assiniboia to Scobey to work. She had access to the University in Saskatoon animal vet department and got up to date research materials. While the melatonin didn't work for Gypsy, my sister's little dog, it might work for your little one. Gypsy lost her hair on the main body but it still grows great guns on her legs. She is definitley a converstation piece as many ask 'what kind of dog is she?' Quite shocked to hear that she is a Pomerainian and their reply is 'I thought they had lots of hair.' Dr. Garbel at the Williston vet just tells her (my sister) to just buy lots of sweaters. Gypsy has gone the prednisome route too but that didn't work either although maybe for your kitty that might be something to check into.