Thursday, September 8, 2011

Can't Hug Every Cat

Inspired by the Youtube spoof, "Can't Hug Every Cat", Tina decided to start her "CAN Hug Every Cat" campaign. I don't want to spoil her version of the story, so I will just say that I was drafted to help with some of the photos.

Ironically, as the photo session ended, a series of pathetic mewls came from the bushes. A frantically lonely little calico, just driven away from its mother, cried and cried for someone to love it. And then proceeded to spurn every attempt to bestow it with all the adoration and attention it so fervently desired. 

It was getting quite dark in the shadows, 
but I didn't dare use flash as I stalked the cat-huntress. Arms held wide, she called it again and again. "I want to hug you! I will put you on a rainbow!" 


No use. The baby just wouldn't come. So Tina had to find out the hard way that regardless of how adorable, no, she CAN'T hug every cat.

But I can.


  1. I love reading yours and Tina's blogs. Your interaction and take on life is hilarious!

  2. That u-tube was so crazy. How fun was that finding for your blogspot!!