Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Through a Glass

My recent status as *ahem* international truck driver has led to the usual challenges a trucker photographer faces, mainly that all the cool stuff to see or photograph slides right on by, with nowhere to stop. I've had that problem for years. I've driven right across the Swanee River (at night no less), past the exits for scads of famous Civil War battlefields. I've seen all the famous New Orleans cemeteries whiz past, exits to Boston and Washington, D.C. I've driven right past the turnoffs to the Painted Desert, Carlsbad Caverns, and more museums than you could shake a stick at. 

My bright idea won't solve all those little challenges, especially the museums, but with an autofocus camera, it occurred to me that I can photograph at least some things. Somewhat. The necessity of keeping my eyes on the road adds a certain unique slant to my perspective, though that may improve if I can learn to hold the camera somewhat straighter without looking. 

So here are a few snapshots from my loops to Belle Plaine, SK. I've had many destinations, but so far only one pick-up place.  Now that fertilizer season is pretty well over, that may change.
Going around through Plentywood, the road is your average two-lane country highway. But up through  Scobey is much different. Most of the way is narrow, so narrow they didn't even bother to paint a white line.
The lovely little town of Coronach has one of the more vivid grain elevators I've seen, and I have seen quite a few out here.

Dropping down into the also-adorable town of Willow Branch, home of some kind of giant that I couldn't stop and check out, is a grade that almost passes for a baby mountain.

That truck can thank me later for distracting the DOT guy long enough for him to slip past. A complete Level II inspection, thank you very much.

My first trip up through Crane Valley, SK, it rained  almost the whole way.
This wasn't quite the first thunderstorm of the year, but close. That reminds me, I need to tell you about Damon's first call in to the weather service as an official weather spotter, only a few minutes after this photo was taken. Let's just say they're probably still talking about him.
4.5 meters....4.5 meters......that's how many feet again?  Think fast - will the truck make it or not? Oh bother, I wish I'd paid more attention in school.

Whew! Note to self: your truck is shorter than 4.5 meters. Whatever that is.

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