Monday, June 13, 2011

The Hunt Goes On

In the continuing saga of my study of the Wild Life Photographer, this week I really struck pay dirt. The shots just poured in, despite a minor malfunction in my tranquilizer gun. You may call me Noni Stauffer.
As when studying any species, it's very important to observe it in its natural habitat, within its family groups.

Intent on its own hunt, the WLP, Wild Life Photographer, doesn't even notice the furtive scientific observations.

So beautiful in motion, like a poem composing itself right before your eyes.

The WLP continues its search for prey, possibly the endangered panorama.

They say you can't study anything in the natural world without changing it, and I am excited to have proven this hypothesis to be without merit. My subject continues its natural behaviors without deviation, thanks to my own caution. I cannot help but pause for a moment of self-congratulation.

Have I mentioned how very elusive is the WLP?

Honesty compels me to confess that, on this occasion at least, my observation did cause a certain amount of change to the subject's behavior. In my eagerness to obtain an almost unheard-of head-on view, I was most definitely spotted, and very nearly struck. I shall have to exercise extreme restraint for quite some time, until my subject again grows accustomed to my presence. In the meantime, are those not some of the most beautiful fingers you have ever seen?

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