Tuesday, January 18, 2011


On December 29, Tiggy turned the fabulously huge age of 12. She's almost as tall as I am, with poor Damon not far behind. Oops, did I say that out loud? Don't worry, Damon. You'll grow soon. Eventually.

For months now, Tiggy has been faithfully bringing home her flute, a school rental, and practicing it. Without even being forced! Her hard work was rewarded by receiving her own flute for her birthday, still in the package, never before played. (Believe me, I was tempted. I would even have removed every single fingerprint and lip print.)

That made it possible to do a flute trio with our pastor on New Year's Day. Soon Tina will join in, making it a flute quartet. Before long, I'm even going to have to practice to keep up, never mind stay ahead. Tiggy's come a long way from "Twink GASP le GASP twink GASP le GASP lit GASP le GASP star, GAAAAAAAASP, How GASP I GASP won GASP der GASP what GASP you GASP are. GAAAAAAAAAASP"

Devon was less than pleased. The only thing that marginally consoled him was the thought that it was only a few more weeks till his birthday, and then HE would be the one getting the presents. But not a flute.

Or a tuba.

Until the next adventure,
Noni Beth


  1. Well, a Happy Belated Birthday to Tiggy! Tell Damon not to worry to much about growing. Our GS#1 was much shorter than his younger brother, GS#2, and was really worried about it for a while. While GS#2 is still the taller of the two, it is only by about an inch or so. GS#1 went to Texas to visit his mom for 6 weeks, and came back ome a foot taller. Maybe you could send Damon to Texas for a few weeks? You and I both know some folks he could visit! LOL!
    So...has Devon had his birthday yet? If he didn't get a flute or a tuba, just what DID he get?

  2. Wow 12 already like!!! Boys next in a year or two sooner than her Dad will want lol

    A very late happy Birthday to Twiggy, flute is like fantastic, Irish tin whistle next.

    The PERFECT gift for Damon? - I have it!!! DRUMS or BB air gun or Swiss Army knife, all 3 perhaps???? I'm full of helpful ideas.