Sunday, January 9, 2011

Phone Call of Doom 2

To not keep you in suspense overnight, no matter how amusing it might be for me, he is home just fine.

The snow had been so thick and ooky today that he took our 4wd vehicle to work instead of his 2wd work van. In said 4wd vehicle, he drove into some people's driveway out in the middle of nowhere. Now, by most standards, even our home in town is in the middle of nowhere. This house was really, REALLY in the middle of nowhere. As in, look around and see miles of white prairie in every direction.

Suddenly, the tires sank into one spot in the driveway, and refused to budge. On the bright side, I had "coincidentally" put the snow shovel in the back. On the dim side, the people weren't home to meet him for the service call. On the dimmer side, his phone battery was about to die.

After sending out the previously transcribed phone call, Jack was able to milk out 2 more brief calls, each one providing just a little more information than the last. By the end of the third one, I had enough to guide John John in. Meanwhile, Jack managed to dig his way out, though it took a couple hours to do it. On the dim side, John John wasted a trip. On the bright side, he got to spend some quality time with his big brother.

Going to sleep now before anything else can happen,
Noni Beth

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