Friday, February 5, 2010

Update from the Technologically Unsavvy

Several major events have taken place since the last blog, as well as some earth-shaking photos. Well, you'll just have to wait for the photos. I figured out how to get them on here, but now Mozilla and Exploder are both acting up and won't upload. I just tried to uninstall and re-install Mozilla, and it may even turn out to have worked, later, but for now I can't even open Firefox. Great, it's even worse than it was a few minutes ago.
One major event is the kids started school here, their first time in a non-SDA school. You'll be glad to know that I've finally trained them to just call it "school", instead of "PUBLICschool". Used as in, "My mom sent all of us to PUBLICschool." Or, "Mom, it's not 20 below zero today. May I walk to PUBLICschool?"
Now that I have so much time freed up every day, I've been too busy to sit down. So much cleaning and unpacking had stacked up, it was unreal. Of course that's just a figure of speech, since it was actually real. Very, very real. I've made such good progress, though, and am looking forward to catching up on my poor, neglected blog. I mean, I haven't even gotten the photos of Taco Bell on here! That gives you some idea how long the internet's been acting up. Only 13 more days and we go back again, not that anybody's counting.
I'd better get to bed, since I'm typing more words backwards than forwards. I'll leave you with the immortal words of Tina, in her retort to my complaint that her blog has no pictures. "Oh yeah? Well your pictures have no blog!"
Until the next adventure,
Noni Beth

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