Monday, February 15, 2010

The Happy Joy Picnic

Today was Devon's ninth birthday, thanks to his guardian angel. Who would have pictured this day nine years ago yesterday, as I reached over and held onto Jack as we prepared to go to the hospital. Grandma, a little confused, asked Mom, "Doesn't Tina mind that Noni is leaning on her husband?" Mom wasn't much help. "Noni IS leaning on her husband." Ah, pronouns.

He missed being a Valentine baby by less than a half-hour. At first I was miffed, since my labour had stalled out just long enough to put his birth after midnight on the fifteenth. Now I'm very happy, since all kinds of stuff is on sale. Cheap presents, cheap wrapping paper, cheap all delights my cheap little heart.

Thus I made a quick trip into town this morning, took in the bargains, and hurried home to prepare for the Happy Joy Picnic. that Tina had thought up. The setting was beautiful, a secluded little park frequented by birds and deer. During the migrations, this park is a focal attraction for birders from around the world.

The sun was shining, the air crisp and clear. It was the perfect day for a picnic.

The play area is charming, with baby swings, teeter totters, and other attractions suitable for children of various ages.

We sipped our juice,

devoured our succulent fruit,

and enjoyed delicately cut finger sandwiches.

The kids had great fun frolicking on the playground, much of it vintage. Merry-go-rounds have been nearly done away with in California, largely thanks to the efforts of catastrophic children like Devon.

And finally, the children took turn warming their hands around the fire.

It was the most wonderful Happy Joy Picnic you could imagine, and we're already making plans for next year. Tina is prominently featured, of course, and there have also been a few requests for S'mores. It may take a little longer to roast them over candles, but such is life in the chilly northland.

Happy birthday, Devon!

Until the next adventure,
Noni Beth


  1. The juice froze before you could finish drinking it? This certainly puts a new perspective on birthday parties. Get it done quickly or else...

  2. This is one party that will not be forgotten! Happy Birthday, Devon! (~~Cinderella)

  3. I was always glad that both my kids have June birthdays. We've had several picnics for their parties. However, now I wish we'd had winter ones! That looked wonderful!

    Happy birthday, baby boy.


  4. Happy Birthday Devon!

    Such a handsome young man!


  5. Ok, so I admit I had to cheat just a little with the juice, however there have been days that wouldn't have been a humorous exaggeration.

    It was fun, we just had to be really, really fast.

  6. Our oranges and bananas were frozen in the time it took us to carry the last couple things from the car and call everyone over from the merry-go-round.

  7. Happy birthday, Devon. We miss you here boy.

    Uncle Carlos

  8. Come to Texas, you silly people!!

    Happy Birthday, Devon!


  9. Miss u much but truly am not jealous of your location. God Bless Gibbs family.

  10. Happy Birthday Devon! How old are you now? 25 right? Oh well, they grow up so fast. Love you. Many more birthdays and many blessings. Aunt Gini Ridley