Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Peep of the Prairie

I'm still way behind in my blogging. I mean, we haven't even gone through Yellowstone yet in blogland, and that was in June. But there is breaking news, which must blast through all the posts that aren't there yet, and take its place at the head of the line.

Yesterday, a customer noticed a tiny baby sparrow lying on the asphalt near the fire station, which is next door to the office. The air temperature was in the high 90's, so I can only imagine how hot the poor little thing was with no protection for its feet and belly. He (she?) lay writhing in agony, fluttering and scooting, too small to walk, too small to make it across the ten feet or more to the grass. A distressed parent bird watched helplessly.

Of course I couldn't leave the poor thing there, even though I need a baby bird like I need....well, there is no simile grim enough and still polite enough. I do NOT need a baby bird.  I figured I could at least give it a more comfortable place to die.

It wouldn't eat at first. Maybe it was too weak, or maybe tweezers didn't look enough like Mommy's beak. Or maybe soggy cat food didn't look enough like flies. Then Tiggy had the bright idea to play the birdsong on her cell phone, and voila! An Eating Monster was born. It's like Pavlov's dinner bell - he hears it, and he must eat.

Below is a video clip of Peep. There are some cute shots of him, but in large parts the camera is swinging wildly and out of focus. Six cats were very interested in all the Peeping, not to mention the smell of cat food and hard-boiled egg. Every time the camera shakes off Peep, it's because I'm shoving away one of his ardent fans. It was like trying to hold back a crowd at a Beatles concert. It's going to be a looooooooooong time till he's ready to fly away. Sigh.

So here is Peep, still alive after more than 24 hours in custody.

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  1. wow but they had to take MY PHONE to get the thing to eat in the morning