Saturday, October 30, 2010

Charles Spurgeon, Eat Your Heart Out

Jack preached today. I always look forward to his sermons, because they're so down-to-earth and informal. He takes the same casual teaching style that served him so well teaching peace officers and other security personnel. It was great material, too, about the second temptation of the devil tries even yet to substitute his own easy, feel-good religion in place of surrender to God.

After the first couple of minutes, I was thinking that this was not going to be his most rousing sermon ever. It wasn't bad, don't get me wrong, but it lacked his usual flair. He was reading more than talking, and didn't look up as much as usual, either. Still, it was good enough that I didn't realize what was going on until he said...

"I'm sorry, I was trying to make it - I'm almost through - but I'm not feeling so good. I'd better sit down."

It turned out that he had started feeling dizzy early on, (probably as a result of the ibuprofen he had taken, since he had a VERY GOOD breakfast), and every time he looked up at the congregation, he got dizzier. And dizzier. And dizzier.

Fortunately, he had had me go over his material with him a couple times, so I finished the last little bit up for him just fine. At potluck, I teased him, "Since the preacher is supposed to bless the food, you go ahead and start the prayer, and I'll finish it for you."

Until the next adventure,
Noni Beth


  1. Sorry Jack wasn't feeling so well! I hope he's OK! You're a good wifey for taking up where he had to leave off. After all, isn't that one of a wife's be a help mate to her husband?

  2. He's fine now, and just won't be able to take both naprosen and ibruprofen at the same time. They don't usually bother him, but if I want to preach I'll just sign up on the calendar, not sabotage the speaker, lol.