Saturday, June 26, 2010

Frequent Flyer Program



I spoke too soon.

After church yesterday, we made a trip out to the Writing Rock, a famous historic site with two beautiful petroglyph rocks. Sometime I will blog in more depth about that fascinating place, however this blog goes a very different direction.

While I was happily engaged taking fun little macro photographs of flowers (the cheap but effective way of turning my zoom lens around and simply holding it carefully up to the camera body to prevent light leaks), when I heard a commotion.

Yes, another commotion. I am beginning to dread commotions.

"Eeek, Eeek, Devon was bitten by a mouse!"

Groan. Thump head into palm. "You're kidding, right?" Nope, not kidding.

I called Jack on the way to the emergency room and broke the news to him that, less than 24 hours after Tiggy's visit, yet another child was on their way in to the Plentywood hospital. He groaned. Thumped his head into his palm. "You're kidding, right?"

Nope. I only wish I was.

They soaked his finger in some kind of hepa-wash for 10 minutes, gave him his first prescription for antibiotics, and ordered the rabies series, which will begin Tuesday. During each wait in the process, those wonderful nurses preached to him about the STUPIDITY (my word, not theirs) of hassling animals at all, and strange or wild animals in particular.

Devon is the first family member to get a rabies vaccination. Should he be so STUPID as to repeat his error, he will be the first family member to have a rabies vaccination twice!

Many years ago, there was a young boy - to protect his anonymity I will refer to him simply as "Dad" - who found some baby cottontail bunnies and decided to kiss them. (If you know who this "Dad" is, and he tried to tell you he just wanted to see how soft their fur was, don't believe him.) The angry little rabbit bit him on the nose.

He received precious little sympathy for his trauma, but no rabies injection. He received even less sympathy when, whilst kissing the next batch of cottontail bunnies, he was bitten on the nose again! Personally, knowing "Dad", I suspect he didn't get any sympathy or shots because he didn't tell anybody what happened, although how you can disguise rabbit teeth marks on the end of your nose, I don't know. He's certainly feeling cheated now!

As Devon goes through the upcoming ordeal, I have only one pressing worry. I sure hope he didn't give that poor little mouse rabies.

With thanks to Dr. Ben and the lovely nurses at the P-wood hospital,
Noni Beth

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