Thursday, March 18, 2010

Le Festival

After a couple weeks of intensive practice, it is at last the night before the music festival. Tomorrow, grades 4-8 perform in Plentywood in a variety of groups and ways. There will be everything from full choir and band to ensembles and solos. Damon and Tiggy are each doing an instrumental and vocal solo, as well as being part of the band.

Me? I'm the accompanist again; a far more ambitious project than the Christmas program, to be sure. There are 26 different songs, and a grand total of 30 performances for me between 8 am and 5 pm. Mom was shocked to call and find me practicing this evening. "You mean they're doing stuff that's hard enough that you have to practice???"

Well, um, yes, I did have to practice some of them. Quite a few of them. Mom was quite diverted to hear Russian Folk Song, and Tina got to hear Rubber Ducky. Did you know that Ernie's little ode to bathtime reached #16 on the regular old billboard charts in 1970? That was a little before my time, so I had no idea grownups were so fond of rubber duckies.

Time to get a little shut-eye, since the alarm waits for no man, woman, or child.

On the verge of an adventure,
Noni Beth

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