Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hello? Is This the Craft Man?

So here I am, back in CA and working very hard. I have to finish getting the house and garage cleaned up, then it's hopefully time for my last surgery. It's going to be a bit hectic, so I'm glad the kids are able to help.

Yesterday, Damon was working in the garage. Doing what, exactly, I'm afraid to find out. After a while, he came and asked me an odd question, to which I replied, "Um, NO!" And gave it not another thought till I heard him in my bedroom on the phone.

"Hello, is this the Craft Man?"
(unintelligible murmuring)
"Is this the CRAFT MAN?"
(unintelligible murmuring)
"The Craft know, the one who makes power tools."
(mumble mumble)
"Yes, that's it! Well, I wanted to know ~ can you push-start a riding lawnmower?"
"Um, NO!"

What I want to know, or maybe not, is how long he and Tiggy pushed the lawnmower all around the driveway trying to start it, before they gave up and called.

Really, you cannot push-start one of those things. Trust me.

Until the next adventure,
Noni Beth < - - - banging my head slowly against the wall

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